Interface redesign and improvement

This week, I mainly redesigned the chat interface, redesigned styles of MediaGrid, and added long polling function for Media, and beautified the local file explorer.
As for the chat interface, three main features are implemented: The first is bubble chat item. To implement this, I used the 9-patch PNG for the bubble. 9-patch PNG is a special PNG format which specifies how the image is scaled and how text is shown when the image has to fits different sizes. The introduction about 9-patch PNG can be found at The second is left or right alignment for user or one’s own chat item. And they also use different background colors and different bubbles. The third is that time is shown when the chat time is more than one minute from last shown time, rather than every time. So the pictures show the result:
As for the styles of MediaGrid, I decided to use a blue-based styles. So the basic color is blue, and every widget uses blue, light-blue, steel-blue or sky-blue. And the colors for different file icons are also different.

As for the long polling for Media, because I didn’t even know there’s also a polling function for Media, so I missed this part, and implemented it.

As for the local file explorer, I used the icons and colors that are consistent with ones in Media part.


And I also fix some bug, and added the ProcessDialog for login, uploading, downloading.



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